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At IDeal Genetics, we value partnerships over profit, which we believe is key to successful projects.

A/Prof Pascal Carrive, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW

“In 2017, I used IDeal Genetics services for the generation of a Hypocretin knock out in a non-conventional background, a hypertensive Schlager mouse. This strain of mice does not breed well and has small litters. After two unsuccessful attempts using intracellular injection, IDeal Genetics changed their technique and used electroporation instead, for the first time. The approach was successful and yielded one founder male with a perfect knock out. I was very impressed not only by their level of expertise and professionalism, but also by their enthusiasm and drive to improve and innovate with new approaches. They did not give up and delivered.”

A/Prof Pascal Carrive, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW, Sydney
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A/Prof Matthias Klugmann, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW, Sydney

“IDeal Genetics have provided their expert service for several projects they have been working on with me, including a transgenic mouse line by pronucleus injection and a mouse model of a human hereditary disease by CRISPR/Cas-based gene editing. These models have generated data published in high impact journals. Employing a state-of-the-art platform extending right through to sophisticated approaches that may require some development, IDeal Genetics are the ideal partner for all transgenic needs. In my experience, regardless of how complex the request, IDeal Genetics will deliver by coming up with a creative solution at a competitive price. I look forward to starting my next project with them.”

A/Prof Matthias Klugmann, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW, Sydney
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A/Prof Xinpei Wang, Peking Union Medical College

“I used IDeal Genetics services for the Ultra-superovulation technique in 2018. Compared with traditional superovulation, this new method taught by IDeal Genetics showed excellent results in inbred mouse strains and helped my group to rescue some endanger strains. I was very impressed by the high level of expertise and professional services provided by IDeal Genetics.”

A/Prof Xinpei Wang, Institute of Laboratory Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Comparative Medicine Center, Peking Union Medical College

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A/Prof Christopher Grupen, The University of Sydney

“Working with IDeal Genetics has rapidly progressed our gene-editing projects and helped us to achieve results beyond our expectations. The insightful advice and unmatched expertise they provide have been instrumental to our successes, and their collegial and “can do” attitude make them a pleasure to team up with!”

A/Prof Christopher Grupen, Associate Professor of Reproductive Biology, The University of Sydney
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Prof John Pimanda, Prince of Wales Hospital and UNSW, Sydney

“I cannot recommend IDeal Genetics highly enough. I have used their services to generate chimeric and transgenic mice. Compared with comparable services in the UK, China and Australia, IDeal Genetics delivered outstanding results within promised timeframes and were exceedingly good value for money.”

Prof John Pimanda PhD, FRACP, FRCPA, Consultant Haematologist, Prince of Wales Hospital; Director, Adult Cancer Program Lowy Cancer Research Centre; Chair, Department of Pathology, UNSW, Sydney
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