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Meet our leadership team. We work with you and our wider team of architects and engineers to deliver customized transgenic consultation services. Contact us to see how we can assist your next transgenic project or training requirements.

Dr Fabien Delerue


As co-founder and director of IDeal Genetics, Dr Delerue brings over two decades of experience in transgenics including a wealth of experience in applying transgenic services for research and business outputs. He trained in France and Switzerland and has worked in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. He previously operated academic transgenic services at different Australian institutions.

Prof Lars Ittner


As co-founder and director of IDeal Genetics, Prof Ittner brings over 15 years of experience in design, generation and analysis of transgenic disease models to the team. He trained in Germany, Switzerland and Australia and has established and led transgenic animal units at different academic institutions.

Dr Ann Wu

Scientific Liaison

Dr Wu joins IDeal Genetics from a highly successful career in medical communications and biotechnology research, and brings her skills of translating complex scientific methodologies to suit a variety of audiences.

IDeal Partnerships

At IDeal Genetics, we are proud of our established research and service partnerships with the following leading institutions and organizations, as well as with our clients.

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