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We leverage our experienced transgenic architects and engineers to help you achieve your goals.

As leaders in transgenic technologies and training, we have the published expertise to deliver full-service, customized transgenic solutions using the latest and established gene editing technologies.

Our world-class facilities and peer-reviewed processes enable the provision of validated in-house transgenic services in conventional and non-conventional strains and species, including gene editing on modified transgenic backgrounds.


Our transgenic expertise

Genome editing

across conventional and non-conventional strains and species

Transgene overexpression

under tissue-specific, ubiquitous or inducible promoters

Targeted gene knockout

to deplete protein/RNA expression

Targeted insertion

of single point mutations, short sequences or complex DNA fragments into endogenous gene loci

Import & rederivation

embryo transfer to establish clean breeding colonies

See our proven track record of high-impact publications demonstrating our precise results across numerous transgenic technologies.
Not all providers offer access to the breadth of platforms and technologies offered by IDeal Genetics, or the same level of quality and attention to detail.


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